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Jack Coleman Interviews on Castle ep “Recoil”

With the upcoming episode of Castle, Jack has given some interviews to talk about his character. As always he has very insightful things to say. Here are a few excerpts and the links to each article! Enjoy!

From GiveMeMyRemote.Com :

What’s interesting is Stana [Katic (Beckett)] and I talked about this on set, and it’s a little bit of “Moby Dick” and I’m the white whale for her. These relationships are so primal and so obviously fraught with peril for both of them. I think there’s an element…from Bracken’s point of view, I think there’s not only the concern of what she could do to him and that there is this wild card out there, I also think there’s — in the back of his mind — a little bit of concern of what he’s done to her.
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From :

I really had a fun time this time because we had a lot to do. They really gave the character teeth. Stana Katic and I had a bunch of things together and every one of them was just laden with moral complexity. I would say that Castle represents light and love and this guy represents the dark and death and they both have a hold on Kate Beckett. I think it’s really great for her character to have that yin and yang. To have the darkness and the light really both pulling on her.
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And don’t miss the episode tonight! It looks like it’s going to be awesome!

Jack Coleman in The Office tonight!

Be prepared from some Jack Coleman moments on tonight’s episode of The Office, “The Whale”:

“Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) is tasked with selling paper to a woman from the Scranton White Pages, so Pam Halpert (Jenna Fischer) and the women of the office teach him how to interact with women. Angela Lipton (Angela Kinsey) fears that her husband, Robert (Jack Coleman), is cheating on her and enlists Oscar Martinez (Oscar Nunez) to help her spy on him at his yoga class. Meanwhile, Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) skypes into the office from his boat and Toby Flenderson (Paul Lieberstein) convinces several of the men in the office to grow mustaches for “Movember”.

PS: if you missed it, he also appeared in last week’s episode, “The Boat”!

Some Jack News

Jack Coleman appeared on last week’s (Oct 26) The Office, episode 5 of season 9. He got to kiss a dinosaur and it was absolutely awesome!

He is also confirmed to be in episode 9×07, but it has been postponed to Nov 15 instead of Nov 8. Keep your eyes open for him, he sometimes appears in The Office unannounced!

David Toussaint also wrote a very interesting article on Jack’s roles, with a particular focus on his gay roles and on how he handled fame as one of the first gay lead characters on television, as well as Jack’s thoughts about being gay in Hollywood.

Go read it here: Jack Coleman’s Independent Agenda

PS: if David Toussaint’s name rings any bells, it’s because he’s Beth Toussaint’s brother. And if you don’t know who Beth Toussaint is, I strongly suggest looking up Jack’s bio on this website!

A sneak peek…

Before Castles premieres on Monday September 24th, we can feast our eyes on two lovely promotional pictures taken from the first episode “After the Storm”. Jack plays Senator William Bracken… and as we can see, he has some conflict with Beckett, played by Stana Katic.



Pictured above: Senator William Bracken, probably trying to negotiate with Beckett (or perhaps this is Jack Coleman trying to placate the rabid fangirls who have to wait 10 days to see him on TV again.)

Another Monte Carlo interview!

And another video we can’t embed. But you must watch it, because it’s absolutely awesome.

You can’t hear the interviewer’s questions, even with the sound up to the max I had trouble understanding what she had to say because there was a lot of background noise, but I think with Jack’s answers you get the gist of them. I transcribed again, though it’s not dubbed over, some longer interviews definitely deserve a transcription!

I am a little sad that not one of the Jack Coleman Fangirls Of Europe (ie: most of his active fanbase on the web) was able to get to Monte Carlo. Hopefully there will be a next time in a city where a hotel room doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. :P

Also, if Mr Coleman wants to practice his French, I’m sure I could help. Trust me, I’m a teacher. (yes, really)

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NRJ12 Interview with TVD actors

At last, at last! The official Monte Carlo TV Festival website has put up an interview of Jack Coleman, Michael Trevino and Joseph Morgan. They were interviewed by some pretty well-known French TV hosts, Bernard Montiel (I know this guy from when I was a kid) and Adeline Blondieau (famous ex-wife of Johnny Hallyday, a French rock singer). They were joined by the French actress, director and producer, Corinne Touzet, who was a member of the jury for the festival.

This is a great interview, particularly because it’s obvious that whoever wrote the questions and/or edited the interview was a Jack fan. Jack got most of the screen time, even though he wasn’t a cast regular or even very present in that season. So obviously he’s very well-liked in France and that makes us happy!

Here’s a link to the video (it’s an MP4, can be saved to your hard drive), and a link to the source page, if you don’t have Quicktime it’ll be easier to read the file from there. Only half of it is for the TVD interview and that is interrupted by a small interview of Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Of course, like last time, the interview is half in French and half in English voiced over by a French interpreter who makes many many mistakes. Unfortunately since there were eight people speaking during this show (two hosts, three TVD actors, a French actress and two interpreters) and that several are often speaking at the same time, it was particularly difficult to transcribe and a few sentences get lost in the general noise. If anyone can figure out what they are saying in the [drowned out] sections, let me know and I’ll credit you here! I really wish I could lip-read sometimes.

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Another tidbit on Castle

TV Guide just posted a little piece of info suggesting that Jack’s role may span many episodes throughout this season of Castle. Hurray!

Can you give me any more information about the senator Beckett will meet on Castle? — Riley
ADAM: The character, played by Heroes alum Jack Coleman, will have “compelling information” about Beckett’s mother’s murder — compelling enough that she will likely call on him throughout the season, creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. But Beckett may not like all the things she learns as she finally closes her mom’s case. “”It’s going to spin our characters in a different emotional direction,” Marlowe says. “Once Beckett has that knowledge, what’s she going to do with it and who is she going to become?” In other words: Closure may not exactly equal contentment.



It looks like Jack Coleman is going to be in a play on August 10 in Los Angeles. The play is part of the 2012 Summer Playwrights Festival and is written/directed by Scooter Pietsch.

For more information: source.

This is a return to theater after many years – Jack had started out in Theatre and we’re very happy to see him go back!

I don’t know more about it, but I’ll edit this post if anything comes up.

More details about Jack’s Role in Castle

Nosey as we are, we’ve found a few more tidbits about Jack Coleman in Castle. The first thing is this photo, found on

So, his name is William H. Bracken. William is usually shortened to Bill… so he’s a Senator in the Office, and he was a Bill in both Criminal Minds and The Vampire Diaries. Is there a word for being cast in the same name all the time? Nametypecast?

It’s worth mentioning again that the show’s creator, Andrew Marlowe, described this character as a “well-liked U.S. senator who finds himself in conflict with Beckett”.

This picture is from the filming of episode 5.01, “After The Storm” (this was announced by Castle writer Terri Edda Miller on Twitter). At least we’ll be seeing his face in this episode, but will he have lines? Time will tell!

A few more articles about this… the web is really buzzing about it at the moment!

A Senator in Castle…

These last few days I’ve spent many a sad night grumbling about Emily Owens and listening to Ms Dref22, my partner in crime on this site, express her regrets about this too (this is a huge euphemism). But tonight she suddenly underwent a change of mood… she told me she felt that Jack would have a good thing coming despite having been cut from EOMD. And then a few hours later, boom, the news comes out:

Jack Coleman has been cast for the next season of Castle on ABC. He will play the role of a Senator who antagonises Detective Beckett.

Links to articles mentioning this:

Whoo! Where do I start?!
Popular, quality, well-established TV show? Check!
Lots of awesomeness potential from being a naughty politician again? Check!
Extra geek squeeing because he’ll be onscreen with Stana Katic (who was also in Heroes) again? Check!

All the fans are a-twitter (HINT HINT HINT Mr Coleman) about this news, all very very happy about it, whether they’re Jack fans or Castle fans! Jack would make an excellent addition to this show, so this time things had better go to plan!

Also, I’m a little afraid of Ms Dref, now…