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Jack Coleman filming a TV movie

Good news! Jack Coleman is currently filming what appears to be a TV movie with Preston Jones and Ryan Kelley! Preston Jones posted a behind the scenes photo of them on his Instagram.

 photo 12729647_1400243853608536_1148300450_n.jpg

We will update everyone with more details as they become available!

#HeroesReborn – Inside the Eclipse Episode 8: June 13th, Part 2

Get the inside perspective about Episode 8 of Heroes Reborn, “June 13th – Part Two,” from the creators and cast, including Jack Coleman, Tim Kring, Greg Grunberg, Judi Shekoni, Robbie Kay and Henry Zebrowski.

Heroes Reborn – Inside the Eclipse Episode 5: The Lion’s Den


Heroes Reborn – Inside the Eclipse Episode 4: The Needs of the Many

Watch the inside story about Episode 4 of Heroes Reborn, “The Needs of the Many,” from the creators and cast, including Tim Kring, Zachary Levi, Henry Zebrowski, Robbie Kay and Jack Coleman.


Here’s a HRG scene from the episode:

#HeroesReborn “Inside the Eclipse” and episode stills

NBC has released two videos of the inside story about the premiere episode “Brave New World” and “Odessa” from the creators, writers and cast of Heroes Reborn, including Tim Kring, Zachary Levi and Jack Coleman


Here are the episode stills of Jack Coleman from the first three episodes:

More stills on

NBC has also released episode stills from the upcoming episode, “Under The Mask”:

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#HeroesReborn Profile: #HRG (Preview)

Here’s a Jack Coleman interview and some HRG scenes from the show!


Jack Coleman interviews in the #HeroesReborn teaser and TV Guide

Alternatively, you can watch it on the official Heroes page, HERE.

HERE‘s the TV Guide interview of Jack Coleman:

“There is a company, a corporation, a high-tech entity which purports to do good, but maybe doesn’t,” Coleman tells “And the thing that’s so insidious about it is it’s hard to know when you look at a company what they’re doing, what they’re up to, who they’re in bed with, where they get their resources from. It’s that kind of world where things are not as they appear, and it’s a big powerful company.”

“I would say [Noah's] mostly looking out for our heroes, but always leaves some wiggle room for some bad behavior,” Coleman teases.

Old habits never die. :)

HRGs are back! #HeroesReborn

Here’s the first photo of Jack Coleman as HRG from the Heroes Reborn set!

 photo CCqYFpMVEAAbQSg.jpg
We are getting more excited every day!

Source: @maconset

A promo and two behind-the-scenes photos from tomorrow’s #CSI episode, “Love For Sale”

Here’s the “Love For Sale” promo:


Frank Waldeck tweeted these behind-the-scenes photos:

 photo BgNwgyuCcAA0VIOjpg_large.jpg
Jack Coleman, Elisabeth Shue and the director of the episode, Frank Waldeck


 photo hannahkasulkaBgv6Cz4IYAAyihUjpg_large.jpg
Hannah Kasulka and Jack Coleman

Don’t forget to tune-in to watch Jack Coleman in CSI tomorrow at 10:00 PM, ET/PT on CBS!

“Love For Sale” Official Details

The Senator is back!

Jack Coleman made another appearance in this week’s episode of The Office titled Stairmageddon. Fred Cross, who played The Senator’s Chief of Staff, tweeted this pic:

 photo BHqSO7ACEAA04h1jpglarge_zps970ddc63.jpg