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Jack Coleman interview: “I want to be doing the wrong thing”

Here’s another interview of Jack Coleman from The Monte Carlo Festival:

This time he talks about his character on “The Office”. He says he is expecting to return as Senator Rob Lipton.

Jack: “I don’t want to play earnest. I’d rather play somebody who’s kind of sleazy. It’s much more fun, especially in a comedy. You don’t want to be some earnest guy who’s just trying to do the right thing but can’t. I want to be doing the wrong thing intentionally.”

The season premiere of “The Office” airs Thursday, September 20 on NBC!

Another Monte Carlo Interview


Jack Coleman was also interviewed by Nova TV, a Croation network. You can watch the interview HERE. In this interview, Jack shares his opinion on the recent popularity of vampires and he also talks about how hard it was to be expected to serve as a symbol for gay teens back in those days.

Another Monte Carlo interview!

And another video we can’t embed. But you must watch it, because it’s absolutely awesome.

You can’t hear the interviewer’s questions, even with the sound up to the max I had trouble understanding what she had to say because there was a lot of background noise, but I think with Jack’s answers you get the gist of them. I transcribed again, though it’s not dubbed over, some longer interviews definitely deserve a transcription!

I am a little sad that not one of the Jack Coleman Fangirls Of Europe (ie: most of his active fanbase on the web) was able to get to Monte Carlo. Hopefully there will be a next time in a city where a hotel room doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. :P

Also, if Mr Coleman wants to practice his French, I’m sure I could help. Trust me, I’m a teacher. (yes, really)

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Jack Coleman on TVD guest role

Here’s another Jack Coleman interview from the Monte Carlo TV festival:

He says he’d be back to The Vampire Diaries if they ask him to, but doesn’t think they will.

NRJ12 Interview with TVD actors

At last, at last! The official Monte Carlo TV Festival website has put up an interview of Jack Coleman, Michael Trevino and Joseph Morgan. They were interviewed by some pretty well-known French TV hosts, Bernard Montiel (I know this guy from when I was a kid) and Adeline Blondieau (famous ex-wife of Johnny Hallyday, a French rock singer). They were joined by the French actress, director and producer, Corinne Touzet, who was a member of the jury for the festival.

This is a great interview, particularly because it’s obvious that whoever wrote the questions and/or edited the interview was a Jack fan. Jack got most of the screen time, even though he wasn’t a cast regular or even very present in that season. So obviously he’s very well-liked in France and that makes us happy!

Here’s a link to the video (it’s an MP4, can be saved to your hard drive), and a link to the source page, if you don’t have Quicktime it’ll be easier to read the file from there. Only half of it is for the TVD interview and that is interrupted by a small interview of Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Of course, like last time, the interview is half in French and half in English voiced over by a French interpreter who makes many many mistakes. Unfortunately since there were eight people speaking during this show (two hosts, three TVD actors, a French actress and two interpreters) and that several are often speaking at the same time, it was particularly difficult to transcribe and a few sentences get lost in the general noise. If anyone can figure out what they are saying in the [drowned out] sections, let me know and I’ll credit you here! I really wish I could lip-read sometimes.

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RTL9 Family Interview of Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman was interviewed by Sandra Lou, a French TV show host, for the channel RTL9. Because the session was simultaneously translated by interpreters, Jack’s voice is strongly dubbed over, which makes it frustrating to try and follow. So here’s my transcript of the show. A few pieces are missing or I wasn’t 100% sure of what he was saying so they’re between [brackets]. I also made a couple notes in places where it was hard to translate or where I noticed translation errors that might explain some reactions of the TV host.

The show itself can be found on the RTL9 Family website (wish this player was embeddable!).

To find Jack’s interview, scroll down on the right hand-side, you’ll find “Interview de Jack Coleman (Vampire Diaries)”. And now you can watch and read at the same time!

Main info from this interview:
- Jack knows he’s typecast as the mean dad who loves his daughter.
- He would enjoy acting in a horror movie but hates watching them.
- If they did a reboot of Dynasty he would be interested, but only if the conditions were right (quality plot, more room for racy content/language).
- He will be working on the Office again.

Sandra Lou: Jack Coleman, bonjour. [note: "Hello" in French]
Jack Coleman: Bonjour.
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A short Jack Coleman interview from the Monte Carlo TV festival

His interview starts around 1:20 into the clip.

Edit by Viv: a quick transcript of what Jack said, in case you can’t make it out under the dub:
“It’s been amazing, yeah, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. It’s a little bit like California here, you know, sunny and dry and the mountains and the ocean. The only thing missing I haven’t gone out in a yacht.
It’s been incredible you know, people from all over, from French television, English television, American television and next time I hope to see more of the screenings, I didn’t get to see the Downton Abbey.”

From the Monte Carlo TV Festival Red Carpet: Closing Ceremony

Jack Coleman and Jimmy-Jean Louis, remembering their Heroes days:


A short clip of Jack Coleman with Joseph Morgan and Michael Trevino before a Q&A session

Jack Coleman at the Monte Carlo TV Festival

Here’s a video of Jack Coleman meeting with fans on the red carpet:

Jack Coleman at Monte Carlo from Ch0co-x-Punk

And a few pics:



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