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Senator Bracken is back!

Jack Coleman is back to Castle in this week’s episode, “In The Belly Of The Beast” as Senator Bracken. It looks like we will be seeing more of him in the future episodes, perhaps even in this season.

Here’s what the show’s creator Andrew Marlowe said:

We do plan to have one more significant bite at this Beckett’s mother’s mythology stuff before the end of this season. All sorts of things can happen. We still have a few tricks up our sleeve.




Stana Katic on Senator Bracken’s possible return to #Castle


Here’s a Senator Bracken scoop from TV Guide:

Is Castle done with the Sen. Bracken-Beckett story? — Nina

ADAM: Not if the show wants to keep leading lady Stana Katic happy. “I think that story needs really great closure,” she tells us of Beckett’s series-long search for her mother’s killer. “They did a really nice job of developing this ‘sleeping dragon’ story, and [the end] of that should be done with justice to all of the years that they spent developing that.” The good news? Creator Andrew W. Marlowe insists that he has plans to bring Jack Coleman’s dirty politician back — but only when the perfect story comes up.

Both Katic and Marlowe have been hinting that Jack Coleman’s naughty Senator would be back, but it looks like it will be some time before we see him on Castle again. Fingers crossed!

Source: Mega Buzz on TV Guide

Stana Katic on Senator Bracken’s return


TV Line has a spoiler on Jack Coleman’s character on Castle:

TVLINE BONUS SPOILER | Beckett’s Moby Dick — the slimy Senator Bracken (played by Jack Coleman) — “will come back,” says Katic, “though I don’t know when, and I don’t know how.”

Andrew Marlowe has hinted numerous times that The Senator would be back, but it looks like his return is official now.

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Andrew Marlowe talks about bringing Jack Coleman back for Senator Bracken on #Castle

Should fans be expecting returns for Meredith or James Brolin as Castle’s dad or Senator Bracken?
AM: I can say that’s our hope. All of the characters you mentioned are very compelling characters to us, and we think there’s some great storytelling in each of them. Again, it’s a matter of us having the right idea at the right time of the season and just hoping those guys are available to come play in our sandbox.

We had such a good time with Brolin, and what a good actor playing that character in our mythology. We’d love to see him again, but we’d have to make sure we had the right story that really tapped into the Castle relationship with his father and who that guy is. And of course, bringing Jack [Coleman] back for Senator Bracken, we know that there are aspects to that story that are hanging over Beckett’s head, that we’re going to need to engage with at some point. It’s finding the right story and making sure that he is available. So those are all things that are certainly on our wishlist, and hopefully the TV gods will smile upon us and it’ll all work out.

To read the rest of this interview, head over here:
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A possible Castle return for Jack Coleman

 photo Castle2009S05E13720pHDTVX264-DIMENSION05857202-46-43_zps9ead1e81.jpg

Good news for Jack Coleman and Senator Bracken fans, we’ll probably be seeing him on Castle again!  More from Keck’s Exclusives:

New cast members include House fave Lisa Edelstein as a tough Fed whom Beckett wants to emulate (she’ll appear in at least three episodes) and Myko Olivier as Pi, whom Alexis (Molly Quinn) met in Costa Rica. “He moves into the family loft and leaves Castle feeling invaded at home,” says Marlowe, who is also planning returns for Senator Bracken (Jack Coleman) and Castle’s father (James Brolin).


A Castle scoop related to Senator Bracken

Do you have any hints about this year’s Castle finale? Will Jack Coleman‘s Bracken be back? — Kristen
While executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe doesn’t rule out a return from Sen. Bracken this season, he says that character doesn’t really figure into the finale. Instead, expect an “emotional” season-ender that pays off some of Beckett’s season-long questions about her man. “We’ve spent four and a half years really unpeeling who Beckett is, but we haven’t learned a lot about Castle,” Marlowe says. “We want to have Beckett look at that and wonder what kind of relationship she’s going to be in if he is withholding stuff. To what extent can he open up and be secure enough with her?” But before you start thinking breakup, let Stana Katic calm your fears. “There are some mini bumps,” she says,” but there is some high-stakes stuff that brings them even closer.”

Source: TV Guide


Andrew Marlowe on Jack Coleman’s Castle character

 photo Castle2009S05E13720pHDTVX264-DIMENSION01229621-31-09_zps53beb062.jpg

GiveMeMyRemote spoke with Castle creator Andrew Marlowe about tonight’s episode. Marlowe also answered a question about Senator Bracken and his possible return:

Interesting, indeed. Looking elsewhere, will Senator Bracken return before the year ends?
AM: We’re not sure yet. One of the things we love about it is how Beckett’s mythology has morphed from ghosts that haunt her in her past to this ongoing dance she’s doing with the devil. And this notion of him owing her a favor, because do you ever call in a favor from the devil? Because it inevitably will have strings attached, but is there a moment in the future when you need to? It feels like a really wonderful, delicious card to play.

So it’s something we’re talking about internally — how best to deal with that. Assuming the TV gods smile on us and we keep going forward, I can tell you I don’t think we’re done with Senator Bracken. And [Jack Coleman (Bracken)]‘s such a good actor, and he really brings it in the episode. We really love that.

Twitter update: Jack Coleman pics

Jack Coleman and Stana Katic, a very nice BTS pic on the set of Castle:



A charity dinner:



Another Heroes union:



More Heroes, this time from Masi Oka:


More Castle “Recoil” interviews

Jack is a popular guy this week! Eight more interviews since the last post!


From :

If you enjoyed Beckett’s first confrontation with Bracken, Coleman teased even more fireworks in tonight’s episode. “This episode in particular was incredible amount of fun because every single scene was just loaded with psychological impact,” he said. “Stana [Katic] is just so great and she’s so good in this part. The great joy in this episode for me was doing all these things with Stana – she and I know each other from Heroes and we have so much fun together.

“The first time we worked together [in "After the Storm"], when she finally got to get it all out,” he explained, “the scene where she ends up hitting me in the face with a gun, she was screaming and she was crying, and it was great for me because it kind of landed me in this place of what [her] character has been going through.
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From :

Every bad guy has his reasons, and every bad guy has his justification. And this guy has more than most. I think it was fairly obvious in the scene that we first had, where I started talking about all the great things I’ve done for people. And I think that is how he justifies himself.

On a macro level, I think he sees himself as a pretty good guy. And then on a micro level, I think he just sees himself as a bit Machiavellian. He’s going to do what it takes to get done what I need.
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From :

Both Marlowe and Coleman promise that this is not the end of the dance between Beckett and Bracken. “It keeps the ground shifting underneath both the characters and the audience,” Coleman says. “They’re both in this toxic pas de deux. You’re not sure who’s leading, you’re not sure who’s following, you’re not sure they’re even dancing to the same music! But they can’t seem to get away from each other.”
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From Buddy TV :

Beckett obviously has hatred for the Senator, but are his feelings different for her?

Jack Coleman: I think [they are]. I think he thinks that there is maybe a trump card there; in that he is not blinded by hated for her. He doesn’t have any hatred toward her; he doesn’t have any hatred toward her mother. He was removing the obstacles and doing what had to be done, and that’s how he sees himself; that’s how he sees his actions, that’s how justifies himself. Now having said that, he was humiliated by her; both by being pistol-whipped and also that she’s got the drop on him. She had that information on him that keeps him from going after her or anyone she knows, because all of his secrets could be spilled. So he’s got a very healthy fear and respect for her, but he doesn’t have any hatred for her, other than not being a fan of being pistol-whipped. But I do think in general that it’s not the same kind of primal feeling.
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From Ksite TV :

You’ve played a number of very iconic roles. Is there any past role, like HRG from Heroes or Bill Forbes from The Vampire Diaries, that you would like to someday revisit?

Hmm… well, HRG was definitely a great role; a role I had an incredible amount of fun with, and that kind of character is enormously fun to play because he’s a guy that’s got a little light, got a little dark, he can do the right thing, he can also kill somebody just because they represent a threat… so, that kind of character is a lot of fun to play, and I have to say that, especially in this episode, Bracken has a bit of that, so I really, really enjoyed having that.

Most of all, you want to have an effect on the lead characters when you come into a show, or when you do anything you do. You want to make sure that your character has an impact. Just going forward, that’s the kind of thing that I look for. In terms of returning to anything, Heroes is gone; Bill Forbes is dead… I continue to look forward, but I love what they did with this character of Bracken.
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From THR:

“There is a responsibility there to uphold the mythology,” he said. “The unseen monster that builds and builds and builds and all of a sudden when he’s made palpable, there’s an obligation to bring something that lives up to the mythology. I was very happy to have this episode come up. It gave me a little bit more room, a little bit more of an arc.”
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From TV Addict:

Last time we saw Senator Bracken he was pretty much painted as an outright villain. Is he really as bad as he seems, or might tonight’s appearance reveal a different side of him?
No… I think he is a villain! But like most villains he doesn’t see himself that way. Most people have many dimensions to them, and I think that’s true of Senator Bracken as well. He’s a bad guy who has done a lot of bad things, but he has a justification for all of it. He has done a lot of good for the people of New York City and the state and I think he sees himself as just a guy who is willing to do what needs to be done.
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He’s ba-ack! TV fans know Jack Coleman as many things: Angela’s Oscar-loving husband on The Office, Caroline Forbes’ late father on The Vampire Diaries — and once upon a time Coleman donned the alter ego of Noah Bennet on Heroes. But Castle fans best know this versatile actor as Senator William Bracken, the despicable man responsible for the murder of Beckett’s mother. Tonight Coleman returns to reprise his role as the smarmy senator in the all-new episode “Recoil,” and fans should prepare for one dangerously dark hour.
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Jack Coleman Interviews on Castle ep “Recoil”

With the upcoming episode of Castle, Jack has given some interviews to talk about his character. As always he has very insightful things to say. Here are a few excerpts and the links to each article! Enjoy!

From GiveMeMyRemote.Com :

What’s interesting is Stana [Katic (Beckett)] and I talked about this on set, and it’s a little bit of “Moby Dick” and I’m the white whale for her. These relationships are so primal and so obviously fraught with peril for both of them. I think there’s an element…from Bracken’s point of view, I think there’s not only the concern of what she could do to him and that there is this wild card out there, I also think there’s — in the back of his mind — a little bit of concern of what he’s done to her.
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From :

I really had a fun time this time because we had a lot to do. They really gave the character teeth. Stana Katic and I had a bunch of things together and every one of them was just laden with moral complexity. I would say that Castle represents light and love and this guy represents the dark and death and they both have a hold on Kate Beckett. I think it’s really great for her character to have that yin and yang. To have the darkness and the light really both pulling on her.
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And don’t miss the episode tonight! It looks like it’s going to be awesome!