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Jack Coleman interview

Metro UK interviewed Jack Coleman where he talks about Heroes Reborn and Dynasty. You can read it by clicking on the image below:

Metro UK page

Audio interviews with Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman is busy with promoting Heroes Reborn and a new interview pops up every week. :) Here are the recent interviews with Jack Coleman where he talks about Heroes Reborn and also Dynasty, his guest roles in Scandal, Castle and Burn Notice.

Jack Coleman interview – #HeroesReborn #Dynasty

 photo Grunny Jack Sendhil Jimmy CMqNQS5UwAAsBXt.jpg_large.jpg
(Jack Coleman was with Jimmy Jean-Louis, Greg Grunberg, and Sendhil Ramamurthy a few days ago)

Here are some excerpts from a TCA interview of Jack Coleman where he talks about Heroes, Heroes Reborn and Dynasty:

Is Noah grieving when we meet him again?

Noah is trying to get to the bottom of what has become of Claire because he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know where Claire is. He’s not sure what has happened to them. So there are things that are unclear in his mind, pieces he has to put together to figure out what has happened, to find her.

So he still thinks there’s a chance she’s out there?

He knows that he doesn’t know what has become of her, where she is. So he’s trying to get to the bottom of it.

Now when they came back to do Heroes Reborn, was it more familiar that HRG would be at the center of it?

I didn’t know that I would be the center. Tim told me early on the spine, the story. It’s really the function that HRG served the first go round was connecting all these different people in their stories and their characters. It was just sort of a natural extension.

Do you think any of the other shows you were on might be ripe for a comeback?

Do you have one in mind?

Maybe Dynasty?

I think Dynasty would be prime for a comeback. I think the time could be right for Dynasty, but again, like Heroes, it would be mostly a whole new cast. I could see Joan.

And you!

Me as Steven Carrington all those years later… I’d like to come back and play Blake. That would be fun. But I think if they do it, they have to have Joan because Joan is still 25 years old. She looks amazing. She’s ready to go.

Read the full interview here:

Den Of Geek: Heroes Reborn: Jack Coleman Talks HRG and the Post-Marvel World


Dynasty reunion

Jack Coleman was at the Hollywood Show, a convention in Los Angeles that took place on January 23rd – 25th 2015 at The Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel. There were other Dynasty guests, including Al Corley, John James, Gordon Thomson, Pamela Sue Martin, Pamela Bellwood and Joan Collins. This was the first time Jack Coleman and Al Corley, “two Steven Carringtons” were photographed together! Here are some photos of Jack Coleman with the cast of Dynasty:

 photo hollywoodceleb4.jpg photo 14.jpg photo 13.jpg photo 11.jpg photo 10.jpg photo 8.jpg photo 4.jpg photo 7.jpg photo 2.jpg photo 1.jpg photo hollywoodceleb5.jpg

Some Jack News

Jack Coleman appeared on last week’s (Oct 26) The Office, episode 5 of season 9. He got to kiss a dinosaur and it was absolutely awesome!

He is also confirmed to be in episode 9×07, but it has been postponed to Nov 15 instead of Nov 8. Keep your eyes open for him, he sometimes appears in The Office unannounced!

David Toussaint also wrote a very interesting article on Jack’s roles, with a particular focus on his gay roles and on how he handled fame as one of the first gay lead characters on television, as well as Jack’s thoughts about being gay in Hollywood.

Go read it here: Jack Coleman’s Independent Agenda

PS: if David Toussaint’s name rings any bells, it’s because he’s Beth Toussaint’s brother. And if you don’t know who Beth Toussaint is, I strongly suggest looking up Jack’s bio on this website!

RTL9 Family Interview of Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman was interviewed by Sandra Lou, a French TV show host, for the channel RTL9. Because the session was simultaneously translated by interpreters, Jack’s voice is strongly dubbed over, which makes it frustrating to try and follow. So here’s my transcript of the show. A few pieces are missing or I wasn’t 100% sure of what he was saying so they’re between [brackets]. I also made a couple notes in places where it was hard to translate or where I noticed translation errors that might explain some reactions of the TV host.

The show itself can be found on the RTL9 Family website (wish this player was embeddable!).

To find Jack’s interview, scroll down on the right hand-side, you’ll find “Interview de Jack Coleman (Vampire Diaries)”. And now you can watch and read at the same time!

Main info from this interview:
- Jack knows he’s typecast as the mean dad who loves his daughter.
- He would enjoy acting in a horror movie but hates watching them.
- If they did a reboot of Dynasty he would be interested, but only if the conditions were right (quality plot, more room for racy content/language).
- He will be working on the Office again.

Sandra Lou: Jack Coleman, bonjour. [note: "Hello" in French]
Jack Coleman: Bonjour.
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