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Audio interviews with Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman is busy with promoting Heroes Reborn and a new interview pops up every week. :) Here are the recent interviews with Jack Coleman where he talks about Heroes Reborn and also Dynasty, his guest roles in Scandal, Castle and Burn Notice.

Jack Coleman in the #BurnNotice Finale promo

It looks like Jack Coleman is  in episode 13 of Burn Notice, “Reckoning”,  which is also the finale for the show.

Burn Notice Wrap Party

This is Burn Notice’s final season and there was a wrap party at Fontainebleau Miami Beach on Saturday. Jack Coleman attended the party along with the show’s main cast. Here are some images of Jack Coleman from the Burn Notice Wrap Party:

 photo gabrielle-anwar-jack-coleman-burn-notice-wrap-party_3785284.jpg photo 615576_original.jpg photo 613605_original.jpg photo 613103_original.jpg photo 612418_original.jpg photo 611325_original.jpg photo 610474_original.jpg photo 613918_original.jpg
 photo 616336_original.jpg photo 614758_original.jpg photo 610784_original.jpg photo bruce-campbell-jack-coleman-burn-notice-wrap-party_3785296.jpg
 photo 615023_original.jpg photo Untitled-1.jpg photo 614315_original.jpg photo 615896_original.jpg
 photo 614557_original.jpg photo 616078_original.jpg photo 613666_original.jpg photo jack-coleman-burn-notice-wrap-party-_3785283.jpg
 photo jack-coleman-burn-notice-wrap-party-_3785299.jpg photo 612826_original.jpg photo 610852_original.jpg photo 612144_original.jpg photo 611646_original.jpg photo 615246_original.jpg photo 611534_original.jpg
 photo 611883_original.jpg photo 610132_original.jpg photo stephenmartines2.png photo stephenmartines1.png photo matt-nix-sharon-gless-gabrielle-anwar-jeffrey-donovan-bruce-campbell-jack_3785281.jpg photo matt-nix-sharon-gless-gabrielle-anwar-jeffrey-donovan-bruce-campbell-jack_3785282.jpg

A clip from this Thursday’s episode of #BurnNotice, “Exit Plan” with Jack Coleman

You can get to the clip by clicking on the image:

 photo Untitled-1_zps68146053.png

Jack Coleman is playing a CIA operative named Andrew Strong in the final season of Burn Notice. Burn Notice airs on Thursday nights @ 9PM ET/PT on USA.

Jack Coleman in Burn Notice season 7, episode 3: “Down Range”

 photo BurnNoticeS07E03DownRange720pWEB-DLDD51H264-NTb00862720-58-53_zpsca3cb7d7.jpg

Jack Coleman appeared in last night’s Burn Notice. Here are the screencaps of him in this episode:

Jack Coleman in Down Range

Jack also appeared in the first two episodes of this season and here are the links for the screencaps:

Jack Coleman in “Forget Me Not”

Jack Coleman in “New Deal”

Burn Notice Promo – season 7, episode 2: “Forget Me Not”

Here’s the promo for tomorrow’s episode of Burn Notice with Jack Coleman. This is the 100th episode of the show.



Here’s a sneak peek from season 7 of Burn Notice

A Sneak Peek with Jack Coleman and Adrian Pasdar!

The new season will start on June 6, on USA Network.

Another Burn Notice season 7 promo

And this time Jack Coleman is very visible!

Burn Notice returns June 6th on the USA network!

Burn Notice Season 7 Premiere Promo

Here’s the first promo of Burn Notice’s final season. Watch closely and you’ll see a few glimpses of Jack Coleman and you should be able to hear his voice as well:

Back to Miami

We asked Martines if he could tweet a pic and he was nice enough to do this:

 photo Untitled-1-2_zpsc7c5ebbc.png
 photo 333666_lalt_zpsf493f697.jpg