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Jack Coleman at #HVFF

Our gallery has been updated with photos of Jack Coleman at Heroes § Villains Fan Fest (HVFF) which took place last week in New Jersey. His Heroes and Heroes Reborn co-stars Milo Ventimiglia and Robbie Kay also attended the con. Jack Coleman and Milo Ventimiglia both tweeted from the event.


Don’t forget to check our gallery for more photos from HVFF.

Jack Coleman will attend another HVFF in August. Check here for more info.

A Jack Coleman interview! #HeroesReborn

Comic Book Resources posted an interview with Jack Coleman where he talks about tonight’s episode, his character, the Heroes and the Heroes Reborn casts!  You can read it here: Jack Coleman Tramples Butterflies, Goes Grandpa on ‘Heroes Reborn’

Some excerpts:

SPINOFF: Huge reveal last episode: Claire died during childbirth. Did you already know about this going in?

Jack Coleman: I didn’t know when we first started, but it was revealed to me fairly early what was going to happen and who [the twins were] and what had happened with Claire. And in the next episode we find out why she died. We know how she died – she died in childbirth – and in the next episode we find out how that happened, how someone who is supposedly immortal died in childbirth.

Speaking of Robbie, as revealed, Noah is the grandfather of Robbie’s character Tommy and Danika’s character Malina. Did you tell them the news yourself?

I didn’t realize it right away and had the great indignity of both him and Danika calling me grandpa. It just tears my insides out. My own daughter being 16, and they’re older than my daughter, and they’re calling me grandpa. Of course, in my real life I started late, so I certainly could be a grandpa, but not to the like of those whippersnappers.

Let’s talk a little about what’s to come in Episode 8, the second part of the June 13 flashback. What can we expect to see?

There’s a couple of things. You get to see the butterflies being trampled on, and then you get to see the result of that. And the result of it is pretty jarring, and I think pretty cool, and it happens at the end of the episode. So, there’s a lot of fallout from Noah’s rash decision to go after Erica. I think that’s all I can say before getting too spoiler-y.

That all said, though, would you come back?

Sure. I don’t see why not. It would be interesting to see if I came back in the same capacity. I imagine I’d come back in a somewhat different capacity. But I’m definitely game to come back.



A very awesome photo from #ZacharyLevi

Zachary Levi joins Jack Coleman in Heroes Reborn! Yesterday, he tweeted a photo with Jack Coleman, writing: “Me and @JackColeman4RLZ having a little @Heroes toast.”

We are getting even more excited now!

Jack Coleman to return to Heroes

It’s official! Heroes Reborn, the Heroes 13 episode miniseries due to come out in August 2015, will feature the awesomest and handsomest of the show’s original cast, none other than our favourite HRG himself!

We can’t wait for next year and hope he’ll be featured heavily, oh yes! :D

More details in this TV Line article.

Follow the official Heroes Reborn Twitter and check out the NBC website.

Twitter update: Jack Coleman pics

Jack Coleman and Stana Katic, a very nice BTS pic on the set of Castle:



A charity dinner:



Another Heroes union:



More Heroes, this time from Masi Oka:


Jack to appear at the Monte Carlo Television Festival

Two French articles have recently announced that Jack Coleman will be a guest at the Monte Carlo Television Festival between June 10 and 14 this year. This festival celebrates great television shows and promotes popular shows currently shown in Europe or upcoming shows likely to be bought by European networks (esp. French-speaking ones). Here are some translated excerpts:

From the CW’s network, we’ll meet Rachel Bilson, star of Hart of Dixie and two members of the cast of Nikita: Xander Berkeley and Sarah Clarke. There will also be Jack Coleman, previously seen in Heroes and recently in The Vampire Diaries as Caroline’s father.

from Les invités du Festival de TV de Monte Carlo by Nicolas Condom

The next Monte Carlo Television Festival will welcome a smart set of people from June 10 to 14. The 2012 edition of this event is preparing to see the very best of American TV shows, with important figures like Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill), Jack Coleman (The Vampire Diaries, Heroes and also The Office), Jennifer Morrison (Doctor Cameron in House and the star of the new fantasy show Once Upon a Time that she will be presenting)…

from Un Frère Scott, un vampire et le Dr Cameron au Festival de Monte-Carlo in Télé-Loisirs

It looks like Jack will likely be there to promote upcoming seasons of The Vampire Diaries and The Office, since France is usually a season behind compared to the USA. Or, you know, just because he’s awesome and very popular in French-speaking countries since Heroes. In any case, wishing him a great stay on our side of the world!

One-question interview

Courtesy of @jamesprops on Twitter!

Jack Coleman’s latest blog entry

…HEROES. I thought the finale was fantastic. I felt it fulfilled our show’s mission: to play around with the rules of physics, sure; but to entertain with surprises, consequences, and, perhaps most importantly, to see our heroes cooperate, need each other, and work together to achieve a common goal. It took the entire heroic village to take Sylar down. And yet Nathan died. This leads me to four FAQ…

Read his entry here:


Le Temps article on Bennet

A Swiss-French newspaper, “Le Temps”, recently published an article about the beginning of Season 3 in Switzerland. The journalist focalises on the importance of glasses, especially Noah’s. It’s a funny little piece that I have translated for you below. My translator’s notes are in italics between brackets.

Heroes: It’s All in the Glasses by Nicolas Dufour

After a perturbed second season, Tim Kring’s series comes back on Sunday evening on TSR1 (note: Swiss-French TV). Noah Bennet is wearing his glasses again, Hiro too: therefore, the world will be saved.

In a few scenes, at the end of Heroes’s season three (note: oops, typo?), Noah Bennet didn’t wear his glasses anymore. And with good reason: the adoptive father of the most unbreakable cheerleader of the world, Claire, had been shot in the eye. Which killed him, relatively speaking. But in Heroes, you can negociate with death. Thanks to Claire’s blood, Noah Bennet survived, so did his eye, and, in season three, he puts on his horn-rimmed glasses again. In the heart of Heroes’ big jumble (note: they mean the mess of scenarios, I think), at least this story was sorted out.

The second season of these ordinary superheroes had caused passionate feelings, as I had mentioned previously, to the extent that the creator Tim Kring had apologised for the bad quality of the scenarios. He apologised again since then, barely hiding his lack of interest towards his own series, promising wonders for the third volume that TSR started airing last Sunday evening. So much deference, and such a controversy, don’t seem very founded to me: if one closes an eye on the biologically convoluted nature of the series – a virus has now been brought up – Heroes remains great entertainment, that doesn’t have to blush when compared to much bigger productions offered in the movies. No need to try to understand what is really at play in the story. The protagonists, restless like marionettes in a little theatre whose puppetmasters are running on cocaine, speak about saving the world every fifteen minutes, and their bustling around is in fact rather pleasant. An appealing urgency of catastrophies, the end of the world every Sunday (literally: “Lord’s Day’s”) evening.

At the heart of this maelstom, Noah’s (who is played by Jack Coleman) glasses are like a buoy. The dry frames, thick on the top, resembling those of an FBI agent in the 1950s, have the adequate severity. An appeasing strictness. Even if the faithful followers of the series can’t always manage to understand the exact morality of Claire’s father, his glasses are a visual marker.

And they are not alone: Hiro (Masi Oka) also wears glasses, though more ordinary ones, but they accentuate his good nature. During his escapade in medieval Japan, during the second delivery (note: I’m guessing he means “what the show delivered in S2″), he wasn’t wearing them, which probably explains why the story went pear-shaped. Tim Kring should have thought about it. Now, Hiro finds his destiny in having to guard a chemical formula, and he’s brandishing his glasses again, like Noah. The world will be saved.


Jack Coleman’s UK TV Interview

Yes, the “invisible” joke is back.