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Finishing Funds for EMIT

EMIT,  the short movie in which  Jack Coleman portrays the character of Rance Wofford, the old man’s son who’s torn between the joy of welcoming his mother into the world, and the eventual loss of his 7-year old daughter, is still in development.  (For more info on the movie and behind the scenes pics, take a look at these entries) Here’s what the writer-director of EMIT, JS Mayank says:

“Hello, everyone. My name is JS Mayank (@JSMayank on twitter), and I’m a filmmaker. I recently had the good fortune of directing Jack Coleman in a sci-fi film of mine. We had a great time filming, but now that we’re done with production, we’re trying to raise some money for Visual Effects, music etc. My team and I would love if you could check out KICKSTARTER PAGE and donate generously (or whatever you can). And please pass the word along to your friends and family. We have some awesome perks, like copies of the film, some really cool bonus features with Jack being awesome (though, isn’t he always?), and signed posters etc.

Please take a look –


Here’s a short clip where JS Mayank discusses his movie:



Spread the word!


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Another Monte Carlo interview!

And another video we can’t embed. But you must watch it, because it’s absolutely awesome.

You can’t hear the interviewer’s questions, even with the sound up to the max I had trouble understanding what she had to say because there was a lot of background noise, but I think with Jack’s answers you get the gist of them. I transcribed again, though it’s not dubbed over, some longer interviews definitely deserve a transcription!

I am a little sad that not one of the Jack Coleman Fangirls Of Europe (ie: most of his active fanbase on the web) was able to get to Monte Carlo. Hopefully there will be a next time in a city where a hotel room doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. :P

Also, if Mr Coleman wants to practice his French, I’m sure I could help. Trust me, I’m a teacher. (yes, really)

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Jack Coleman on TVD guest role

Here’s another Jack Coleman interview from the Monte Carlo TV festival:

He says he’d be back to The Vampire Diaries if they ask him to, but doesn’t think they will.

NRJ12 Interview with TVD actors

At last, at last! The official Monte Carlo TV Festival website has put up an interview of Jack Coleman, Michael Trevino and Joseph Morgan. They were interviewed by some pretty well-known French TV hosts, Bernard Montiel (I know this guy from when I was a kid) and Adeline Blondieau (famous ex-wife of Johnny Hallyday, a French rock singer). They were joined by the French actress, director and producer, Corinne Touzet, who was a member of the jury for the festival.

This is a great interview, particularly because it’s obvious that whoever wrote the questions and/or edited the interview was a Jack fan. Jack got most of the screen time, even though he wasn’t a cast regular or even very present in that season. So obviously he’s very well-liked in France and that makes us happy!

Here’s a link to the video (it’s an MP4, can be saved to your hard drive), and a link to the source page, if you don’t have Quicktime it’ll be easier to read the file from there. Only half of it is for the TVD interview and that is interrupted by a small interview of Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Of course, like last time, the interview is half in French and half in English voiced over by a French interpreter who makes many many mistakes. Unfortunately since there were eight people speaking during this show (two hosts, three TVD actors, a French actress and two interpreters) and that several are often speaking at the same time, it was particularly difficult to transcribe and a few sentences get lost in the general noise. If anyone can figure out what they are saying in the [drowned out] sections, let me know and I’ll credit you here! I really wish I could lip-read sometimes.

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Another tidbit on Castle

TV Guide just posted a little piece of info suggesting that Jack’s role may span many episodes throughout this season of Castle. Hurray!

Can you give me any more information about the senator Beckett will meet on Castle? — Riley
ADAM: The character, played by Heroes alum Jack Coleman, will have “compelling information” about Beckett’s mother’s murder — compelling enough that she will likely call on him throughout the season, creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. But Beckett may not like all the things she learns as she finally closes her mom’s case. “”It’s going to spin our characters in a different emotional direction,” Marlowe says. “Once Beckett has that knowledge, what’s she going to do with it and who is she going to become?” In other words: Closure may not exactly equal contentment.



It looks like Jack Coleman is going to be in a play on August 10 in Los Angeles. The play is part of the 2012 Summer Playwrights Festival and is written/directed by Scooter Pietsch.

For more information: source.

This is a return to theater after many years – Jack had started out in Theatre and we’re very happy to see him go back!

I don’t know more about it, but I’ll edit this post if anything comes up.