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Andrew Marlowe talks about bringing Jack Coleman back for Senator Bracken on #Castle

Should fans be expecting returns for Meredith or James Brolin as Castle’s dad or Senator Bracken?
AM: I can say that’s our hope. All of the characters you mentioned are very compelling characters to us, and we think there’s some great storytelling in each of them. Again, it’s a matter of us having the right idea at the right time of the season and just hoping those guys are available to come play in our sandbox.

We had such a good time with Brolin, and what a good actor playing that character in our mythology. We’d love to see him again, but we’d have to make sure we had the right story that really tapped into the Castle relationship with his father and who that guy is. And of course, bringing Jack [Coleman] back for Senator Bracken, we know that there are aspects to that story that are hanging over Beckett’s head, that we’re going to need to engage with at some point. It’s finding the right story and making sure that he is available. So those are all things that are certainly on our wishlist, and hopefully the TV gods will smile upon us and it’ll all work out.

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