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Here’s a Daniel Douglas tidbit from an interview with Bellamy Young

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TVLINE | What are we going to do about Sally Langston’s handsy husband? He seems sweet on the First Lady….
I can assure you that knowledge is power, and that Mellie and Cyrus will capitalize on that bit of knowledge. They know that Sally has a weakness, and you do not want to show a weakness to Mellie or to Cyrus.

TVLINE | I can’t imagine that you hire Jack Coleman to just play a flirty rube. He probably has some sort of game of his own in play, right?
Yeah, he’s no joke. He’s formidable, you’ll see. The storyline is worth the wait. You find out a lot this week.

It looks like things are going to get exciting!

Source: TV Line – Scandal’s Bellamy Young Reveals Why Mellie Remains ‘Hopeful’ — Plus: Wiggy Flashback Alert!