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Will Senator #Bracken be back? #Castle

From TV Line:

The Castle finale was en fuego! Any news on what’s coming up for Season 7? –DarkDefender
I can tell you what’s not coming up – any new regurgitation of the Bracken storyline. Which, to me, rules out the squirrelly senator as the igniter of Castle’s fiery finale fate. “The Bracken arc is pretty much over,” Marlowe told me after the finale. “We know who [killed Johanna], Beckett has gotten juctice…. If there is any future storytelling with Senator Brecken, it would be breaking new ground and not going back to revisit the old ghosts.” That said, “Bracken isn’t dead, he’s a formidable person and he may someday entertain notions for revenge,” Marlowe allowed, “but it would be [in the context of] storytelling that moves us forward.”

So, Bracken may still want some revenge on Beckett, but it looks like us Jack Coleman fans will definitely need to wait awhile.

Jack Coleman is in The Tank

Old news for people who are following us on Twitter and LJ… oops.

Jack will appear in the movie The Tank due for release in 2015. The film already has a distributor, Open Road Films, so it has excellent chances of being shown in theatres.

The Tank is a thriller about six people locked up in an isolation tank intended to simulate the conditions of a space trip to Mars. It is written and directed by Kellie Madison. article // article

Jack filmed scenes in Ohio in early May. Here are some behind the scenes photos of him with cast, crew and/or extras:

 photo BmudJbbIUAE30FLjpg_large.jpg  photo BmkwiSGIEAAYlwCjpg_large.jpg

Jack Coleman to return to Heroes

It’s official! Heroes Reborn, the Heroes 13 episode miniseries due to come out in August 2015, will feature the awesomest and handsomest of the show’s original cast, none other than our favourite HRG himself!

We can’t wait for next year and hope he’ll be featured heavily, oh yes! :D

More details in this TV Line article.

Follow the official Heroes Reborn Twitter and check out the NBC website.