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#HeroesReborn teaser – #NoahBennet

This is certainly a good day for Noah Bennet fans! NBC released a HRG teaser for Heroes Reborn:

A promotional still of Jack Coleman as HRG and an interview #HeroesReborn


Check Spoiler TV for more stills


Here’s a Jack Coleman interview where he talks about Heroes Reborn and playing HRG again:

#HeroesReborn promos and #JackColeman interviews

As the premiere date gets closer, more and more interviews and promos are popping up!

Here are the latest promos with new scenes of Noah “HRG” Bennet:


The interviews, from TCA and SDCC:

Jack Coleman interviews in the #HeroesReborn teaser and TV Guide

Alternatively, you can watch it on the official Heroes page, HERE.

HERE‘s the TV Guide interview of Jack Coleman:

“There is a company, a corporation, a high-tech entity which purports to do good, but maybe doesn’t,” Coleman tells “And the thing that’s so insidious about it is it’s hard to know when you look at a company what they’re doing, what they’re up to, who they’re in bed with, where they get their resources from. It’s that kind of world where things are not as they appear, and it’s a big powerful company.”

“I would say [Noah's] mostly looking out for our heroes, but always leaves some wiggle room for some bad behavior,” Coleman teases.

Old habits never die. :)

Jack Coleman interview – #HeroesReborn #Dynasty

 photo Grunny Jack Sendhil Jimmy CMqNQS5UwAAsBXt.jpg_large.jpg
(Jack Coleman was with Jimmy Jean-Louis, Greg Grunberg, and Sendhil Ramamurthy a few days ago)

Here are some excerpts from a TCA interview of Jack Coleman where he talks about Heroes, Heroes Reborn and Dynasty:

Is Noah grieving when we meet him again?

Noah is trying to get to the bottom of what has become of Claire because he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know where Claire is. He’s not sure what has happened to them. So there are things that are unclear in his mind, pieces he has to put together to figure out what has happened, to find her.

So he still thinks there’s a chance she’s out there?

He knows that he doesn’t know what has become of her, where she is. So he’s trying to get to the bottom of it.

Now when they came back to do Heroes Reborn, was it more familiar that HRG would be at the center of it?

I didn’t know that I would be the center. Tim told me early on the spine, the story. It’s really the function that HRG served the first go round was connecting all these different people in their stories and their characters. It was just sort of a natural extension.

Do you think any of the other shows you were on might be ripe for a comeback?

Do you have one in mind?

Maybe Dynasty?

I think Dynasty would be prime for a comeback. I think the time could be right for Dynasty, but again, like Heroes, it would be mostly a whole new cast. I could see Joan.

And you!

Me as Steven Carrington all those years later… I’d like to come back and play Blake. That would be fun. But I think if they do it, they have to have Joan because Joan is still 25 years old. She looks amazing. She’s ready to go.

Read the full interview here:

Den Of Geek: Heroes Reborn: Jack Coleman Talks HRG and the Post-Marvel World


Jack Coleman and the #HeroesReborn cast at NBCUniversal’s 2015 Press Tour #TCA

NBC is busy with promoting the show and this means lots of Jack Coleman photos and interviews for the fans. :)

Check out our gallery HERE to see the Jack Coleman photos from the TCA Summer Press tour.

Here are the Jack Coleman interviews:

Here’s  another interview of Jack Coleman on KSiteTV where he also talks about his Castle character: HRG Reborn: Jack Coleman Talks Heroes’ Revival & His Castle Return
We are glad that Jack Coleman is going to have a busy, busy fall. :)

Jack Coleman to return to Castle

Apparently he will be back in a “surprising” way! (hopefully he’ll be back alive and kicking, though… ¬.¬) Castle Season 8 begins on September 21, and Jack seems set to appear in the first double episode. Hurray!
Source: TV Line