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Episode highlights from the #HeroesReborn premiere and the season teaser

The highlights with HRG:

You can find rest of the highlights from the episode on the official Heroes account.


The official season teaser:

Jack Coleman to appear in tomorrow’s #Castle episode, “XX”

Watch the promo:

#HeroesReborn “Inside the Eclipse” and episode stills

NBC has released two videos of the inside story about the premiere episode “Brave New World” and “Odessa” from the creators, writers and cast of Heroes Reborn, including Tim Kring, Zachary Levi and Jack Coleman


Here are the episode stills of Jack Coleman from the first three episodes:

More stills on

NBC has also released episode stills from the upcoming episode, “Under The Mask”:

More stills on

Jack Coleman will be live tweeting tonight during the #HeroesReborn premiere! Plus, interviews!

Jack Coleman tweeted that he would be live tweeting tonight! Check out his tweet.

Before the premiere, you can watch a short interview of Jack Coleman, Judi Shekoni, Kiki Sukezane and Zachary Levi:

Here’s a Jack Coleman TCA interview where he talks about Heroes Reborn and Castle:
HEROES REBORN: Jack Coleman give the scoop on Season 1 – exclusive interview

Some excerpts:

AX: How is it getting back together with the members of the team who are returning?

COLEMAN: It’s amazing. It’s awesome to be in Toronto, and all of a sudden, there’s Sendhil and there’s Grunny and there’s Masi and there’s Cris Rose and Jimmy Jean-Louis. To have these guys back on board is fantastic.

AX: Are you having a sense of déjà vu?

COLEMAN: It’s somewhere in between déjà vu and vuja de. Occasionally, it feels like I’m on the old show. Most of the time it does not, because it is not the old show. It’s very much a new thing, new cast, new stories, but from time to time, there are things that happen, especially when some of the original cast comes back that you have those moments.

AX: You’re back on CASTLE for the beginning of their eighth season. How do you enjoy your work there?

COLEMAN: Oh, I’ve had a really good time on CASTLE. I love working with Stana [Katic], I love working with Nathan [Fillion], Jon [Huertas] and Seamus [Dever], they’re all just fantastic and they’re so welcoming.

And another interview:
‘Heroes Reborn’ Star Jack Coleman Talks Texting Firestorm That Reunited Original Cast [INTERVIEW]


Q: Who would have thought a pair of glasses would be so valuable to your character?

JC: You know, after “The Upfronts’s” Charlie Robinson came up to me and said, “I didn’t realize until today that your entire show was about your glasses?”

Q: Did you keep them after the show finished?

JC: I did keep a pair. And it was a good thing because I have to wear them in the Super Bowl promo because production didn’t have them. Well they couldn’t find them; they’ve since come up with a whole new batch, some of which are actually prescription, which is great because I am blind. So I did keep a pair and I wore them in the Super Bowl promo. When they called asking, “Do you have a pair…”

They were just happy to hear me say yes.

Q: Can you talk about putting them back on for the first time?

JC: I haven’t put them on since the show ended and they just sat on the shelf in my living room, so putting them back on for the first time was for that promo. It really felt like dress up, like Halloween, it was like, “Oh this is weird.” In the promo I didn’t know exactly what was happening, and you can see it definitely ties into the show, but I didn’t know exactly how yet. It was definitely a “try them on and see how they fit” thing. Even the first time when we started shooting it, took like an hour before I felt I was back in my skin again.

Q: Will we find out how the other members of the Bennett family react to Claire’s death?

JC: I’m not sure, probably not right away. It could come to that. I will tell you that Claire figures very prominently throughout the show. Whatever form she takes, she is not forgotten – ever.

Here’s another TIFF red carpet interview:

#HeroesReborn premieres tomorrow at 8/7c on NBC!

Don’t miss the special 2-hour premiere of Heroes Reborn tomorrow. HRG is back to TV  after a 5 year absence!

More Jack Coleman and the cast interviews from #TIFF, HERE.

Jack Coleman and some of the cast talk with THR about reprising the roles and what to expect from their returns in Reborn:

Where he left off: Watching his daughter Claire leap from a Ferris wheel in order to show the world her powers, despite his insistence she stay hidden.

When he returns: Episode 1. This is very much a story following his experience among new heroes and it is about the new heroes themselves.

On reprising the role: “The really good news is they picked up five years later as opposed to a prequel where I’d have to be five years younger. So that’s one of the comfortable things about it, to be in your skin as you are as opposed to putting on a hair piece and sucking in my gut,” he says. “At first it was a little like, ‘OK wait, what are we doing?’ And then after about an hour or two I’m like. ‘Oh yeah I know this guy.’ It was really fun to get back into it.”

On the impact Claire’s death will have on him: “She casts a very long shadow — everything Noah does is based on her and trying to figure out what happened. He needs to justify how her death makes sense and to make something good of it. Noah will always be tied to her.”

On what’s changed: “The kind of stories you can tell, the effects you can do and the kinds of stunts you can do. All that stuff is next generation. But the show itself is true to ordinary people with extraordinary abilities. But it’s five years later and it’s a very dark and different world for them now. It’s a dangerous place to be an evo. The stakes are higher.”

Read the rest here on THR.

#HeroesReborn promo: “Cheerleader”

Jack Coleman #HeroesReborn #TIFF interview and #Castle spoilers

We have another Jack Coleman interview from the Toronto International Film Festival:

Castle” Season 8 will premiere on ABC on Sept 21 at 10 p.m. ET. and as we posted before,  Jack Coleman will be appearing as Senator Bracken  in the first two episodes of the season. You can find Castle and Senator Bracken related spoilers in the links below:

Sneak peeks for the #HeroesReborn premiere

NBC has released 8 sneak peeks for the premiere and two of them are HRG aka Noah Bennet ones:

You can watch the rest here, on Spoiler TV

#HeroesReborn, #JackColeman at #TIFF

Heroes Reborn had its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) last night. Following the screening Tim Kring and the cast, including Jack Coleman, answered some audience questions:


Watch the Jack Coleman interview from the red carpet:

You can find Jack Coleman photos from the event in our TIFF gallery, HERE.

A new promotional still, a promo and a scene from the premiere script – #HeroesReborn

Read a scene from Tim Kring’s premiere script, here on EW.

Here’s another promo: