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Jack Coleman filming a TV movie

Good news! Jack Coleman is currently filming what appears to be a TV movie with Preston Jones and Ryan Kelley! Preston Jones posted a behind the scenes photo of them on his Instagram.

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We will update everyone with more details as they become available!


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Jack Coleman is celebrating his birthday today! We wish him a happy birthday and a wonderful year!

Be sure to tweet him your birthday wishes >>> @thejackcoleman

Jack Coleman interview – #HeroesReborn

Heroes Reborn starts tonight (Tuesday, February 16) at 9pm on 5* in the UK and Jack Coleman was recently interviewed by Digital Spy about the show, Claire and Heroes’ influence on today’s TV shows:

” I would have loved to have had the opportunity to work with Hayden again and explore the Noah-Claire relationship and all of its complexities,” he told us.

“But five years down the line you’ve got people who have other commitments and contracts, and it’s tough to extract everybody. I would have liked everyone to have come back, the originals. We do get a number of the originals back though.”

He said: “It was ahead of its time, in that there were not a lot of superhero shows on the air. The thing that made it so successful was the family drama aspect of it – the Bennets and the Petrellis etc…

“It worked on a couple of levels, it had the superhero element but it also had a domestic drama. That’s what was compelling to people who weren’t necessarily sci-fi fans.

“If nothing else, just showing that these shows are popular on TV. When you’re dealing with a genre which is very dependent of special effects – special effects are very expensive. People go and see Avatar or Iron Man and the amount of money that is spent on those effects is just staggering.

“It’s very hard to do that on a television budget, and to compete. But one of the things Heroes did was make it safe for networks and studios to do this on television. And say ‘OK, it’s not going to look like The Matrix, but it will still work and people will tune in for the characters and the adventure’ - I think Heroes had a profound effect on what we see on television now.”

Read the rest of the interview on Digital Spy


Jack Coleman to attend the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest – #hvff

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For more information & to purchase tickets, visit the official site for the event: HEROESFANFEST