The Jack-(Coleman)-O-Lantern!

This is what I did for Halloween. Although it’ll probably be all destroyed by Saturday…(click the pics for the full size!)


There was a great stencil on Pinkraygun.Com, so I printed it out, then scaled it down to 75% to fit my pumpkin. At this point, all the tiny fine details were terrifying me, my previous pumpkins have always been a bit crude.

Stencil taped to the pumpkin, ready to be transferred.

I didn’t have the right tool to transfer the stencil, I tried with small nails but it wasn’t practical, so I just used the tip of a knife instead. Now the plan is clear.

I went over the lines with black ballpoint pen, and hollowed out the pumpkin. Must do something with the flesh I collected.

I’d like to note that while I was cutting out the design, I realised that the “face” wasn’t supported by anything according to the stencil. So I made shallow cuts in the skin in a few places (top, around the ear and the glasses frame) so that the flesh behind kept holding it all together.

DONE! All it needs is a candle! All Hail the Jack-(Coleman)-O-Lantern! :D

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