A summary of what Jack Coleman has been up to: Part 4: The Office

Starting in November 2010, Coleman has a recurring role on The Office as State Senator Robert Lipton, the love interest for Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey). He has appeared in the episodes “WUPHF.com“, “Classy Christmas“, and “Michael’s Last Dundies“. He wasn’t credited but his pictures could be seen in “Goodbye, Michael“.

jack coleman,the office

He is expected to return to NBC’s The Office this season but there is still no word on that except what executive producer Paul Lieberstein told Zap2It:Zap2It: Will Jack Coleman be back as the senator?PL: I definitely hope so. I know he’s a sought-after actor. But I hope he’ll be around. 

jack coleman
HD screencaps of Jack Coleman in The Office can be found here, here, here and here.


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