NRJ12 Interview with TVD actors

At last, at last! The official Monte Carlo TV Festival website has put up an interview of Jack Coleman, Michael Trevino and Joseph Morgan. They were interviewed by some pretty well-known French TV hosts, Bernard Montiel (I know this guy from when I was a kid) and Adeline Blondieau (famous ex-wife of Johnny Hallyday, a French rock singer). They were joined by the French actress, director and producer, Corinne Touzet, who was a member of the jury for the festival.

This is a great interview, particularly because it’s obvious that whoever wrote the questions and/or edited the interview was a Jack fan. Jack got most of the screen time, even though he wasn’t a cast regular or even very present in that season. So obviously he’s very well-liked in France and that makes us happy!

Here’s a link to the video (it’s an MP4, can be saved to your hard drive), and a link to the source page, if you don’t have Quicktime it’ll be easier to read the file from there. Only half of it is for the TVD interview and that is interrupted by a small interview of Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Of course, like last time, the interview is half in French and half in English voiced over by a French interpreter who makes many many mistakes. Unfortunately since there were eight people speaking during this show (two hosts, three TVD actors, a French actress and two interpreters) and that several are often speaking at the same time, it was particularly difficult to transcribe and a few sentences get lost in the general noise. If anyone can figure out what they are saying in the [drowned out] sections, let me know and I’ll credit you here! I really wish I could lip-read sometimes.

Bernard Montiel: Hello everyone and thank you for being faithful to this show about the 52nd Television Festival of Monte-Carlo where we welcome you every day with Adeline. Hello Adeline.

Adeline Blondieau: Exactly, hello Bernard.

Bernard: Well today we’re finishing up this series, it was a daily show that we were offering you on NRJ Paris and NRJ12, as you know. And now we’re going to finish with an exclusive interview of His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince Albert II, of course, then behind the scenes of the festival with Adeline.

Adeline: Absolutely, a real assault course, you’ll see.

Bernard: And a lovely member of the Jury, it’s Corinne Touzet, hello Corinne with a microphone.

Corinne Touzet: Hello Corinne-with-a-microphone, Bernard. [laughs] I’m afraid we’re going to fly away but I’m here.

Bernard: There’s a lot of wind, that’s why the weather is beautiful in Monaco but I think it’s because there’s a dreadful wind. Never mind. We also have the pleasure to welcome the Vampire Diaries. So Michael Trevino, “bonjour”.

Michael Trevino: “Bonjour”.

Bernard: Jack Coleman, “hi”.

Jack Coleman: [laughing] Hello how are you?

Bernard: “And Morgan Joseph”.

Joseph Morgan: Hi, I’m glad you adhered to the, uh, British tradition of saying the last name first, that’s how we greet each other in Britain, so thank you for making me [feel at home here?].

Bernard: Joseph, your role in Vampire Diaries is quite a harsh role, it’s Klaus since 2011. He’s an abominable character.

Joseph: Oh well you know, evil is a point of view, right? I think, yeah, he has his bad points but he is also, you know, like anyone. He comes from somewhere, he’s from a family, that you know, is um… his evil is justified by his childhood, so like everyone, he’s complex.

Jack: That sounds like an American psychoanalysis.

Joseph: I picked it up from [you?]. I learned from the best, Jack.

Jack: Way too many years spent… [drowned out].

Adeline: You’re the oldest character on the show, 1000 years old, is that right?

Joseph: Yes.

Adeline: So do you have a really good surgeon or a very big secret?

Joseph: Yes… [laughs] all you need to do is become a vampire. It’s very easy really.

Adeline: Ah I think that could be interesting.

Michael Trevino: Ian’s been giving him a few tips.

Jack: He plays a character that’s 1000 years old, whereas I am actually 800 years old so we’re very close.

Adeline: You’re not bad either, but it works better on him [pointing at Joseph Morgan].

Jack: Oooh!

Bernard: Now that’s a compliment!

Jack: And you know what looks better on him? Salmon pants.

Michael: Salmon pants.

Jack: Salmon pants.

Adeline: Ah we don’t have pants like that in France.

Jack: I can’t wear those.

BM: Corinne Touzet, I think your daughter is a big fan of this show, isn’t she?

Corinne: Yes we watched it all, I brought the DVDs back home, she didn’t know it but she was crazy about that movie that everybody knows… whose title I’ve forgotten…

Bernard: Twilight.

Corinne: Twilight, that’s it. And I fell into this show with her, I loved it, I watched it all with her, I like it a lot. I think they’re huge actors but they know that already, but I specially like how the series is constructed. I’m a producer too so I like the way it’s written and constructed, I find it really very good.

[Bernard Monthiel introduces his interview with Albert II, skip to 5:55]

Bernard: Thank you to Prince Albert for supporting this festival of which he is the president of honor.

Adeline: “Jacques”, I was… Jack, Jack. I was a big fan of yours in the Dynasty days. You’d replaced the character of Al Corley and I skipped school so that I could come and see you. And you played a homosexual character, which was very rare in those days.

Jack: It was rare at the time and it’s very common now. I think every single show on American television probably has gay characters, back in the 80ies nobody did and… so it was groundbreaking. [garbled] cutting school to go home to watch that, it, um, it makes me question your…

Adeline, interrupting: Have you seen Joan Collins again?

Jack: I had dinner with Joan Collins last night as a matter of fact, and she’s fantastic, she’s still exactly the same. [hears an ambulance siren] That’s my ride.

Bernard: Jack Coleman, is it true that you’re the direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin?

Jack: I am a direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin, yes that is true.

Bernard: Incredible!

Jack: Sixth generation grandson.

Bernard: He was your first ambassador in France, did you know that?

Jack: Yes, yes he was… [cut off by another question]

Bernard: And he was one of the founding fathers of the United States.

Jack: Yeah, he’s one of the most astonishing personages I think in America. He loved France and spent I don’t know how many years in France, he spent a lot of time in Paris. I think he was particularly fond of French women… I guess not everybody can be but [drowned out]… [tapping Michael Trevino's shoulder]

Michael: That’s lost in translation, but they’ll try and make it work.

Jack: I know, I said… did I really just say that I don’t like women? Did I really? That is not true.

Adeline: Maybe we can talk about it.

Bernard: I’d also like to add that Jack that Benjamin Franklin is the one who’s on the $100 bills.

Jack: He is represented, the benjamins as they’re known in America. Hundred dollar benjamins.

Michael: hundred dollar bills, y’all.

Jack: hundred dollar bills y’all. Yes he’s well represented and he was an astonishing person, what he did in his lifetime was really…

Corinne: Can I ask something? I just want to know if you’re always kidding like this on the set, or [if] when you work you’re very serious? Is it joking all the time, all day?

[all TVD actors agreeing at the same time]

Jack: the more serious the material, the more joking off camera, in general. Like comedians off camera tend to be dour personalities… [drowned out]

Bernard: Thanks a lot and congratulations for this show that we love in France, thanks a lot for coming in our show.

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