Finishing Funds for EMIT

EMIT,  the short movie in which  Jack Coleman portrays the character of Rance Wofford, the old man’s son who’s torn between the joy of welcoming his mother into the world, and the eventual loss of his 7-year old daughter, is still in development.  (For more info on the movie and behind the scenes pics, take a look at these entries) Here’s what the writer-director of EMIT, JS Mayank says:

“Hello, everyone. My name is JS Mayank (@JSMayank on twitter), and I’m a filmmaker. I recently had the good fortune of directing Jack Coleman in a sci-fi film of mine. We had a great time filming, but now that we’re done with production, we’re trying to raise some money for Visual Effects, music etc. My team and I would love if you could check out KICKSTARTER PAGE and donate generously (or whatever you can). And please pass the word along to your friends and family. We have some awesome perks, like copies of the film, some really cool bonus features with Jack being awesome (though, isn’t he always?), and signed posters etc.

Please take a look –


Here’s a short clip where JS Mayank discusses his movie:



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