Stana Katic on Senator Bracken’s possible return to #Castle


Here’s a Senator Bracken scoop from TV Guide:

Is Castle done with the Sen. Bracken-Beckett story? — Nina

ADAM: Not if the show wants to keep leading lady Stana Katic happy. “I think that story needs really great closure,” she tells us of Beckett’s series-long search for her mother’s killer. “They did a really nice job of developing this ‘sleeping dragon’ story, and [the end] of that should be done with justice to all of the years that they spent developing that.” The good news? Creator Andrew W. Marlowe insists that he has plans to bring Jack Coleman’s dirty politician back — but only when the perfect story comes up.

Both Katic and Marlowe have been hinting that Jack Coleman’s naughty Senator would be back, but it looks like it will be some time before we see him on Castle again. Fingers crossed!

Source: Mega Buzz on TV Guide

2 Responses to Stana Katic on Senator Bracken’s possible return to #Castle

  1. I still believe that Bracken is being manipulated as well and is not really her mother’s killer. The last episode he had someone arrested instead of killed l, which leads me to believe that his strings are being pulled too. Besides if he was the one wanting her dead I would find it odd that he would show such gratitude towards her for saving hos life, let alone the offer of friendship “good to have a friend”. Most of all my opinion is being driven by the fact that Jack Coleman is awesome and I don’t want him to be the villain.

    • Interesting and exciting thought! But the fact that they cast Jack Coleman for this role makes me think they really found their baddie. I definitely agree about him being awesome and I would love to see him in more episodes, so I guess I’m okay with any storyline which would make it happen. :D

      I guess we can expect a situation where Beckett would need a favor from him. I hope that happens. :)

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