More pics of Jack Coleman from the #Blacklistlive reading of “Your Bridesmaid Is A Bitch”

 photo 10388111_10152556320728613_8321744931989919266_n.jpg
 photo 10687022_10152556321033613_7917299569106372342_n.jpg
 photo 10801498_10152556323333613_2682956498639819712_n.jpg
 photo 10410943_10152556320883613_1178898927763672077_n.jpg
 photo 10384689_10152556322443613_4676692837247235499_n.jpg
 photo 11697_10152556321313613_487137005844534124_n.jpg

You can see rest of the pics from the event here on the event’s Facebook page: Your Bridesmaid is a Bitch: Black List Live

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