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This non-profit website is created by fans, to spread the love for Jack Coleman and the Heroes character Noah Bennet. It is unofficial, not affiliated with or endorsed by Mr Coleman or NBC/Universal in any way. All the pictures featured on this site belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended. All written content belongs to The Jack Coleman Fansite unless otherwise stated.

If you are the owner of material featured on this site, please so that we can either credit you or, if you so desire, remove your material from the website.


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Please with any request – to share an interesting link or piece of news, to ask to be an affiliate, to tell us what you think of this website, etc. If you would like to contribute to the gallery, simply sign up as a member, but please only upload material that belongs to you (pictures that you have taken or created, screencaps and scans you have made yourself, your own artwork, etc).

If you would like to follow us and discover new Jack Coleman fans and communities, we are on Twitter:

    @watery_tart (in charge of website maintenance, graphics and bashing her head on her keyboard until WordPress cooperates)
    @dref22 (news hunter, major contributor to the galleries and general JC/HRG cheerleader)


Many many thanks to Tammy for her advice on how to use WordPress!

3 Responses to Site Info

  1. I have a beautiful portrait session that I did with Jack when I was a still photographer at ABC-TV in the late 1980′s. Send me an email address that I can send you some scans to look at.
    Thanks, Donald Sanders

  2. Message to all those who worked on the series Heroes
    Thank you for your happiness and entertain ninety million Egyptians and Arabs in particular and Africa Baoam
    And we hope to continue the series parts to one hundred or two hundred or a thousand part pleased to lifelong

    Ali kareka

  3. You are the best actor at all, I hope to see you in parts with more Heroes

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