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Jack Coleman to return to Castle

Apparently he will be back in a “surprising” way! (hopefully he’ll be back alive and kicking, though… ¬.¬) Castle Season 8 begins on September 21, and Jack seems set to appear in the first double episode. Hurray!
Source: TV Line

Another tidbit on Castle

TV Guide just posted a little piece of info suggesting that Jack’s role may span many episodes throughout this season of Castle. Hurray!

Can you give me any more information about the senator Beckett will meet on Castle? — Riley
ADAM: The character, played by Heroes alum Jack Coleman, will have “compelling information” about Beckett’s mother’s murder — compelling enough that she will likely call on him throughout the season, creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. But Beckett may not like all the things she learns as she finally closes her mom’s case. “”It’s going to spin our characters in a different emotional direction,” Marlowe says. “Once Beckett has that knowledge, what’s she going to do with it and who is she going to become?” In other words: Closure may not exactly equal contentment.