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Some Jack News

Jack Coleman appeared on last week’s (Oct 26) The Office, episode 5 of season 9. He got to kiss a dinosaur and it was absolutely awesome!

He is also confirmed to be in episode 9×07, but it has been postponed to Nov 15 instead of Nov 8. Keep your eyes open for him, he sometimes appears in The Office unannounced!

David Toussaint also wrote a very interesting article on Jack’s roles, with a particular focus on his gay roles and on how he handled fame as one of the first gay lead characters on television, as well as Jack’s thoughts about being gay in Hollywood.

Go read it here: Jack Coleman’s Independent Agenda

PS: if David Toussaint’s name rings any bells, it’s because he’s Beth Toussaint’s brother. And if you don’t know who Beth Toussaint is, I strongly suggest looking up Jack’s bio on this website!